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He hunkered down in his deepest catcher’s squat, grasped the single metal handle at the casket’s head with both hands, and said a little prayer that his back would hold up. He drove through his heels, yanked with his arms and shoulders, felt the pain knife down his spine. Was this the origin of the word deadlift?
— The Art of Fielding
Powerlifting is simple to understand but challenging to excel at. It is an activity that takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master. As a person increases their lifting ability, if they wish to make further progress they will have to increase their knowledge of fitness. Powerlifting often leads one to learn about human anatomy, nutrition, and the general theories and practices of fitness as a field.
— Tim Henriques, All About Powerlifting (via thoughtsandsquats)

(via maikukhanh)

  • Hit a new PR for my squat(205 3RM). The squat has always been one of my weaker exercises, but lately it’s been growing steadily. Hitting new PRs is always good. All while ripping my boxers nearly in half. Ass to Grass.
  • Finally fixed my deadlift form. The deadlift has been plaguing my workouts. Every time I’ve set up for it, I get anxious. And I’ve really struggled finding that sweet spot where you can feel leverage over the bar. But I’ve finally got it down, and as a result have a new deadlift PR(300 1RM).

This is literally one of the best days I’ve had in a while.